Tears for Fears: A Rock Video Filmed in a Library

The things you find on YouTube!

Even if you do not remember Tears for Fears ‘ song “Head over Heels,” I guarantee you will  love the  video.  It is  filmed in a library!


4 thoughts on “Tears for Fears: A Rock Video Filmed in a Library”

  1. I dunno. He doesn’t even take out the books. They’re there on the circ desk, then they’re replaced by the synth. I think he’s a poser. (Awww, how I used to love this group. And this song. What fun to revisit for a few moments!)

    1. So much fun! I think he was desperately in love. 😉 At the end he is a prof or something, and didn’t you love the card catalogue scene? I enjoyed the hunky keyboardist’s bizarre disdain. Thank God the librarian didn’t take off her clothes. That’s the usual cliche.

      1. Definitely! It’s so over-the-top. And, yet, it didn’t seem so at the time. Speaking of library scenes from that decade, I remember a comedy film in which the hero worked in a library, using roller skates to quickly fetch the requested items from the stacks behind-the-scenes, as requested by patrons, and thereafter I dreamed of that as a day job. (I’ve no idea what the film was – am sure it was really rather terrible. Although I believe the library staff remained clothed there too!)

        1. If you remember the title, I’ll add it to my (nonexistent) library of videos in libraries. The Tears for Fears video is so strange and witty, but of course the song has nothing to do with libraries!

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