Is it Zen? The Case of the Blank Space on Page 127

Finally!  The house is clean. 

I swept 30 or 40 of my books off the table and stacked them on top of a bookcase.  Then I extracted my husband’s dirty sneakers from a sports paraphernalia pile (UNDER THE BUFFET!)  and put them in a laundry basket, along with unidentifiable sports garments.  

Finally I sat down with a book. THIS IS SO GOOD,  I thought as I devoured a short story.  But the story seemed to end abruptly (and sappily) halfway through page 127:  “…he slips in beside her, and in minutes, he, too, is asleep.”  The rest of the page was blank.   Wow!  Terrible ending!   

I flipped the page.  It begins with the end of a sentence, “strident—the sounds of a quarrel.” The beginning of that sentence is missing on page 127, along with a paragraph or two.  And so I will never know what happened between the nap and the quarrel.  It is a printing (or non-printing) error.  

I’ve been here before.  Once I had to take back a Sara Paretsky book because fifty pages were missing in the middle.  Another time I wrote to a publisher because pages were missing from Mikhail Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog.  They sent me a new book.

I won’t bother to write for a replacement of this (mostly) splendid book, because I know I won’t read it again.  

Is this good sense or giving up? 

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