Yellowstone Park Is Closed, Yet We Fantasize about It

Yellowstone Park

We’re all doing it. We’re staying home.

We dress up for Zoom and Google Hangout.  Well, someone does.

We aren’t the blithe folk who spent spring break at Yellowstone Park.  (Every infected person infects two and a half people, so that wasn’t a smart vacation.)

But we would love to go there.  

The last time we went camping (though not at Yellowstone), the horse flies were terrible, and the rocky beach hurt our feet.  And  have you ever splayed yourself across the floor of a tent to keep it from blowing away in a storm? 

Camping isn’t a lot of fun, but it does get you out of the house.

Don’t people need a place to go?

No. Not yet.

Here’s my most productive thought : in the future, city planners will have to widen the sidewalks.

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