Becoming Your Masked Overly-Protective Mom

They lost me at “PLEATS!”

Now is the time to become your overly-protective mom. 

“Have you got your gear?”  I call out to Mr. Nemo.

He does, though every day there’s something new.  The CDC has announced that all Americans should wear masks in public.

I’ve heard for weeks that the stores are sold out of masks.  If that is the case, where do we get them? Back in the day, Mom would get in the car and drive to Sears, Montgomery Ward, or Kmart for every last-minute need–even during flu season. Everyone is woefully unprepared for Covid-19.

I read in the newspaper that women volunteers are sewing masks for the health care workers. The techs and nurses in the Covid-19 test drive-thru seem to be wearing astronaut costumes, but my heart stopped with worry when I saw them.  They are  our heroes, and if anyone needs masks, they DO.

But now  I am expected to sew masks.  My God, am I Little House on the Prairie?  Should I risk my life at Hobby Lobby to buy needles and thread?  And am I supposed to tear up sheets with my teeth?  

 Mom and I didn’t sew, and despised the jumper I was forced to make for home ec.  We–Mom, Grandmother, and I working together — got a B.  And then went to Sears and bought an adorable readymade one.

Do you ever feel you can’t disinfect another doorknob?  And are you ditzily squirting Disinfectant of the Day (Windex or Clorox or whatever is in the cupboard)  on faucets, handles, tables, light switches, or whatever is in sight at the moment?  

I run a (reasonably) tight lockdown, but excuse me while I dump out my drawers to see if I can find a needle and thread. 

Let’s hope the stores get a shipment of masks.

2 thoughts on “Becoming Your Masked Overly-Protective Mom”

  1. Yes, yes, have I disinfected that doorknob before? How many times? Did my husband remember to disinfect before he came inside? What about the groceries delivered? Wipe the boxes as best I can? What about the fresh fruit & produce? Wipe their plastic bags? Dump them into MY plastic bags? Rinse them first? I have a constant headache and feeling of nausea. Our sanity may be the price we have to pay to survive.

    1. I suppose eventually we’ll adjust–we’re certainly at a “different place” from where we were three weeks ago–but It is so dificult. I’m wondering about the bags and fresh fruit too. I swear somebody on the internet was asking about washing fruit and veggie in soap and water. Dish soap? I don’t think my “Hints from Heloine” mentions that!

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