Falling Asleep During Yoga

The universe

Where are we now? The Midwest, the United States, Earth, the Milky Way, the Universe, as we wrote in our lock-and-key diaries from Woolworth’s.  We are utterly serene, because we regularly fall asleep  while lying down on the floor during our yoga Savasana (Corpse Pose).  I can’t help it…you’re not supposed to…but I’m so tired.

The pandemic is exhaussting. Never underestimate the stupidity of the human race.  Some Republican governors plan  to “open” coronavirus-riddled states in May.  The malls, the restaurants…very smart!

Let me quote a tweet of protest from one midwesterner: 

“Kim Reynolds [the governor] is a threat. Iowa is leading the nation in the spread of covid. Highest rate of new cases. We’re 2-3 weeks from a peak. But yes, let’s reopen the state.”

(I’m not sure the tweeter’s stats are right–but I can verify the numbers in the midwest are heinous.)

.I…just…can’t…care…anymore.  I sit with my head tilted up watching a perfect azure sky identical to the perfect azure sky I grew up with.  Then we sat on canvas lawn chairs, now it’s Adirondack chairs or plastic.  But the same cottony clouds…the same radiant rising crescent moon… similar people drinking iced tea or beer in their yards…  It could be any time really.

So at least we still have a beautiful spring.

As for reading, I finished Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, one of my favorite novels. I always see Jeremy Irons as Charles Ryder, because of the superb mini-series. Now I’m thinking of rereading A. N. Wilson’s Lampitt Chronicles (sort of a cross between Anthony Powell and H. G. Wells’ realistic comic novels) but of course can find only two of the five books on my shelves–and neither is the first.  I do like the cover of the second novel,  A Bottle in the Smoke, though.

And  here’s some fun  news:  I  “altered” a tie-cardigan by cutting off the ties, which were always getting caught in doors.    Now I call it my “post-yoga hygge cardigan.”   Can I sell it on e-bay?

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