When People Love Movie Stars Too Much

Ashton Kutcher

Some people love movie stars too much.  Take Kim Reynolds, the Republican governor of Iowa.  We were gobsmacked when she proudly announced during a daily coronavirus update that  her “friend Ashton Kutcher” had recommended a Utah company to manage Iowa coronavirus test results. She awarded TestUtah a no-bid $26 million contract to establish the TestIowa program–without consulting any Iowa experts. 

Naturally, many of us were shaken by the decision, even before we learned the Utah company was under investigation. Much as we like Ashton Kutcher, an actor from Cedar Rapids, he is not exactly Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institue of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Does Kutcher have a medical degree or a background in science? No, he has a friend at the company. Mind you, I do not blame Kutcher. You know whose responsibility it is? Kim Reynolds, who has made bad decision after decision during her governorship and today reopened Iowa for business, even though the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths rises every day.

Not surprisingly, TestIowa has proved incompetent.  There have been botched test results, and many people have reported to the Des Moines Register that they have been waiting up to two weeks. One nurse said  she was tested on April 25 and still hasn’t learned the results.  Reynolds’ spokesman (somebody had to take the fall!) admitted that some samples were  “potentially damaged.”   

Kim Reynolds has endangered the health of Iowans.  I have five words for her:  Keep it in your pants!  That is a metaphor:  I don’t mean to suggest she had relations with her crush.

And I have two words for Iowans: Impeach Kim!

Stay safe, stay home, and ignore the politicians.

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