All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go? Read Proust!

 Kristin Stewart reading Proust

It is your mission. You decide to finish Proust.  “It’s all downhill after Swann’s Way,” a friend confided. And since it has been five years since you read the last volume, you don’t even remember who the characters are.   So Swann’s Way again?

Funny, you’d rather read catalogues. One thing new this spring: all the models are suddenly LGBT.  Yes, the women are all holding hands…on a beach…and wearing plenty of things you’d like to buy:  embroidered jeans, summery tunics, and slip-on sandals that doubtless would slip off.  

If you bought these lovely clothes, you’d be all dressed up with nowhere to go. These days, you mow the lawn for fun. Or go to the grocery store! 

The state has “reopened”–it  proudly is a hotspot– and it is a bit too much.  And so many people are staying home.  Restaurant dining rooms are empty.  The parking lot at Perkins is empty (perhaps it’s closed altogether).  Penney’s is out of business.  Supposedly drive-in theaters are open, but I’d like to know where the heck these drive-ins are.

The drive-through at Starbucks is very popular:  I’ve seen the lines!

Really, it’s enough to inspire you to stay home and keep reading Proust.  I’m going to go eenie-meenie-mo and pick a volume.

4 thoughts on “All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go? Read Proust!”

  1. 😊What a coincidence! I decided just last night to read Proust. What do you think is the best translation? I’ll have to read it in English and I’m worried about getting stuck with a translation that is either inaccurate or leaden. Is the Moncrieff translation in the image yours?

    1. This is NOT my area of expertise! I do know there are some beautiful new Penguin translations. But Moncrieff is the original. 🙂

  2. It does seem like the time to reach for lengthy bookish commitments if one is able. Also, I love the old edition she’s reading. Er, holding. This is a series I don’t own, and I can’t imagine reading it as an epub. But I do see the appeal just now!

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