Covid-19 Times: Free Hair in the Formerly Free World

“Hair,” 1967

Do you ever wish you had sung in a local production of Hair? “Hair, hair, long beautiful hair…” Were you so vain that you thought of your hair all the time during lockdown? Did you rush to the salon the minute the  state reopened?  (Not quite the message of Hair.)

How I wish I hadn’t cut my hair!  But the home haircut is necessary if your bangs suddenly stab you in the eye. Honestly, one of my eyes was red for days.  And once you start cutting unmanageable hair, it’s hard to quit. First it sticks out on one side, then on the other, then you cut your bangs, and then you’ve got a Grapes of Wrath haircut. Forget the YouTube videos: your hair is not like that of the fashion models posing with scissors and hair clips.

A hairdresser could fix this in a minute.  Social distancing, however, is impossible in a hair salon.   And  the close interactions between hairdressers and clients are unsafe at the moment:  a record number of Covid-19 cases was reported in our state and in the U.S. today.

To reach this point, American behavior has been monstrously selfish. Instead of staying home and avoiding the crowd, people have been gadding about in crowds, both indoors and outdoors. Finally some states have had to reverse their dimmer decisions, like the reopening of bars.

Let’s face it, a lot of politicians have blood on their hands. Many of them lied to their constituents about the seriousness of the pandemic. (They said it was not serious.)   The U.S. is now wrestling for the No. 1 slot in the spread of Covid-19, along with India, Brazil, and South Africa.

Ah, if only the world would work together for  The Age of Aquarius (another song from Hair).

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Times: Free Hair in the Formerly Free World”

  1. Now that brings back memories! I saw ‘Hair’ in London in 1970, I think. We were going to change the world, weren’t we? Shame it didn’t quite happen!

    1. Alas, it couldn’t happen! Definitely we were idealists. And strange that “Hair” became an international phenomenon. Perhaps now it’s “Hamilton”? Haven’t seen it yet, but undoubtedly it will come on tour–one of these days!

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