I Swear They’re Not Toxic!

box of booksWhere the heck can we donate these books?   I swear they’re not toxic.

Please advise!



4 thoughts on “I Swear They’re Not Toxic!”

  1. Am I remembering correctly that you’ve had some frustrations with the LFL system in your neck of the woods? I’ve been donating my books there while we’re in this strange time and turnover doesn’t seem to be affected by the current situation (if anything, it’s slowed a little).

    1. We do have LFLs on every block, so maybe it’s come to that. Ours are puzzlingly filled with junky romances but perhaps we should unload some. You never know. Somebody might like them.

  2. The Lawrence Lost Girl is wonderful! It would be such a wonderful adaptation for the BBC! Small town trapped nice girl meets Italian hot guy in the days before the Great War. I need to reread.

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