The Twenty Books of Summer

Here is my Twenty Books of Summer list. I am irresistibly drawn to the beautiful pictures of books at various blogs.


Author: Kat

I am an avid reader. The book blog is the perfect forum for bookish musings. Enjoy!

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  1. Some very interesting choices and a nice mix. I always like it when I can swith between genres, or between “light” and “heavy,” with the realization that we all define these categories differently. I have one of the Femme Fatales series myself (a different one), which is definitely fun, as is Auntie Mame, at least when I read it years ago. Peyton Place and Stranger in a Strange Land are also under my belt — I found them great escapes at the time but not sure how they’d hold up for me now. The Virgin Suicides wasn’t my thing, atlthough it clearly was for others. I’d definitely re-read Flush, which is short and very enjoyable. Three Martinis is on my own list, so I’ll look to your review. Extinction and Oblomov (in that order) look very interesting — think I’ll add them to my own list, only not for this summer, which is already pretty booked! (thanks for the recommendations)
    BTW: loved Mad Magazine, which was truly wonderful and no doubt has great cultural significance but — don’t think my interest is strong enough for a retrospective volume!

    1. I love the Femmes Fatales series! Yes, I must be eclectic so I can admire the books in some very strange pictorial juxtapositions! You’ll love Oblomov. I don’t guarantee any of the others!

  2. There is something seductive about the theme, isn’t there. Though I’ve never participated either. Isn’t that Death of Virgil book your go-to summer doorstopper? I feel like I’ve seen it before (it’s not one I’ve read or picked up). Peyton Place I read a couple of years ago and it is quite a story. Perfect for summer, I’d say. (The movie was fun to watch afterwards too. “Fun.”) Have you read Miss MacIntosh before? I’ve been planning to take a year for it (in very short sessions over a longer period, perhaps not the whole year) but so far it hasn’t meshed neatly with other reading projects. Maybe next year…it’s the 35th anniversary this year, I think?

    1. Death of Virgil IS the doorstopper! Peyton Place for balance? I enjoyed picking the titles, but in some cases I may substitute one book for another. All depends on library and/or price.

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  3. Given the size of some of your books, you’ll probably be too busy to blog much this summer.
    Have you already read Vol 1 of Musil or was that the cover that came to hand?

  4. Quite a lot of humor in there, looks great for summer reading. The only one I’ve read is The Plague and I, which I highly recommend. Only Betty Macdonald could write a humorous book about being treated for a deadly disease.

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