Rock on, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (1946-2021)!

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

Patricia Kennealy-Morrison died at age 75 on July 23 in New York City. You may have known her as a rock critic; I knew her science fiction.  She was a brilliant writer, but the headlines emphasized her relationship with Jim Morrison, which was a claim to fame, but hardly her most important accomplishment.

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4 thoughts on “Rock on, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (1946-2021)!”

  1. Well, this was a very long post thanking you for telling me about THE COPPER CROWN. Unfortunately I lost the whole thing when everything errored out. The error message said to clear all cookies which I did and now it seems to be working as it took my regular email but before was demanding my Google account only. Geesh. Well, imagine I left something longer and more interesting thamn this! If this actually posts I will try to reconstruct it all later.


    1. Fortunately this one made it across the liminal threshold. Very frustrating to lose a post like that. Glad to tell you about The Copper Crown. It has been a while since I read it, but I thought it was good!


  2. OK, winging a rewrite: Thank you for recommending THE COPPER CROWN. I overlooked it for years, decades. I love Fantasy. Old style fantasy. But I can do without the Ice and Fire and Sex and Violence and Blood and General Perversity focus of the more modern books. They make it too hard for me to suspend almost any disbelief. The thing is those older books came out before the Internet. In those days I judged books by their covers. Sometimes that worked and sometimes it was proverbial. Never liked the covers on those. Anyway I am rereading now The Heritage of Shannarra books. Am on book one SCIONS OF SHANNARA. I bought the big limited edition from Terry Brooks’ Kickstarter. Decided I should read it on my Kindle so when the limited comes I can look at Mark Simonetti’s probably wonderful illustrations without worry about bending pages. Well, I will reread favorite passages too but, overall, I just like looking at limited editions and sighing. But as soon as I finish this Brooks-a-rama I will tackle THE COPPER CROWN. Kudos on the new site. It did eat the first comment I wanted to leave (see above) But I think it is working for me now (copying this to clipboard just in case.)


    1. Sorry your comment disappeared. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Speaking of buying books for the cover. I may have bought The Copper Crown for the cover by Tom Canty. He designed the covers for the Best Fantasy books edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

      Terry Brooks is on my TBR list. I read so little new SF that I rarely come across the new shocking elements. And that has to be a good thing!


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