What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Expressions?

Raining like cats and dogs.

There are hundreds of obsolete words, expressions, and slang.  They come and go, and you barely miss them.  At some point every person is old enough to wonder, When did that change?  A kind of Standard English has evolved because of our communal watching TV, Netflix, and other live-streaming services.

When I was growing up there was actual dialect.  We said “warsh” for “wash,” until a teacher corrected us.  And how about “garsh” for “gosh?” But no one says “gosh” anymore, ergo there is no “garsh.” 

What are your favorite obsolete slang expressions? Do tell.

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4 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Expressions?

  1. I still say gosh – so I must be obsolete! I like the expression ‘oh my giddy aunt’ but I don’t use it myself, it’s rare now and very English I think. A really Scottish one which I’ve only ever read in ‘Oor Wullie’ cartoons is ‘Jings, crivens and help m’boab’ which has the same feeling as ‘heavens to Betsey/Murgatroyd’


    1. I had forgotten “Heaven to Betsy,” and I love “Oh my giddy aunt!” Clearly I haven’t a clue about “Jings, crivens,” but it has a delightful sound.

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