New Post at Thornfield Hall Redux: “The Etiquette of Prayer Requests: Larry David on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm'”

Rob Morrow and Larry David

What should agnostics and/or atheists say when someone requests a prayer? “Pray for me,” a self-centered friend begs on many occasions.  Sometimes she is traumatized by the prospect of meeting the ancient ballet teacher who criticized her pas de bourré years ago.  Other times she has lost her favorite socks. 

On a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 11, Episode 5), Larry David attacks the subject of prayer requests hilariously and obnoxiously.  He is at the club when Saul Berman has a heart attack. Everyone stands awkwardly, waiting for the ambulance to come –  except Larry, who sits down to finish his lunch. Saul’s son Hal glares at Larry.  But a few days later, when Larry asks Hal how Saul is doing, Hal says Saul is not doing well, and asks Larry to pray for him.  Larry refuses. ” I can’t do that. How do you even do it? Do you get on your knees? Do you put your hands together? “

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