New Post at Thornfield Hall Redux: “Too Much Information: Can What We Read Be Used Against Us?”

Twentieth-century liberals were more tolerant than the progressives of this century. In the 1990s, when Monica Lewinsky, a 22-year-old intern, gave Clinton a blow job in the White House, none of us Democrats really cared.  Two consenting adults having oral sex  – yes, it was tacky, and we felt bad for Hillary, but Monica seemed out of her mind or wilier than anyone would have guessed – she kept the dress with the semen stains! 

But what I remember most clearly was the zealous attempt of independent counsel Kenneth Starr to subpoena Lewinsky’s bookstore records.  He wanted to confirm that Monica Lewinsky had purchased a copy of Nicholson Baker’s Vox, a novel about phone sex, and given the book to Clinton.

Outrageous, yes?

You can read the post at my new blog.

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