Thonfield Hall Redux Post: The Gift Book List for the Dour and Difficult

We love the holiday lights and decorations, but Christmas is a time for lowered expectations. If you bake a brilliant pie, someone will ask for Cool Whip.  (“Will ice cream do?”)  If you give quirky gifts, the recipients will trade like stockbrokers.  

Now we limit gifts to one book per person.  We have become expert at choosing books for the dour and difficult, the crotchety curmudgeons, irascible CEOs, restless recluses, vainglorious narcissists, and even the hep-cats, by which I mean the cats. 

The following books should be available at your local bookstore. Nothing too far out here – something for everybody – unless they are attendees of Renaissance Fairs or WorldCon,  in which case you are entirely on your own. I would also appreciate your recommendations, please!

You can read the post here at Thornfield Hall Redux.

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