The Depilation Dilemma

I intend to post both at Thornfield Hall and Thornfield Hall Redux , but today’s post would have to be reformatted for TH, so I’m referring you to Thornfield Hall Redux.

I read a review in the TLS of a book called Hairless:  Breaking the vicious circle of hair removal, submission and self-hatred, by Bel Olid, translated by Laura McGloughlin.

Do we need a book in translation from the Catalan on the sexism of depilation?  It’s not as though American and British women have not already read and written countless treatises on this subject in Ms., The Guardian, The New York Times, sociology books, and feminist anthologies. 

I also write about the presentation of depilation in sitcoms, humor pieces, and serious essays.

You can read the post at Thornfield Hall Redux

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