Trends in 2020: How to Have Fun in the Future!

The Midnight Grapes!

It seems appropriate to look to the future now that 2020 is on everyone’s lips.  While poring over lifestyle magazines and websites, I decided to compile links to five articles about 2020 trends.  It’s fun to fantasize about the future.  And who knows?  Maybe we’ll get there.

I was enchanted to learn the messy bedroom is a trend. Snap a photo of your boudoir with the unmade bed, teacups, piles of books, Tarot cards, and the dog shedding hair on your easy chair—and voila!  A lifestyle article at The Guardian claims this is actually a thing:  “The anti-Marie Kondo movement continues, with untidy, unfiltered photos all over Insta.”

Good Housekeeping lists “15 Awesome Things to Do on New Year’s Day to Get 2020 Started Right.”  Starting right doesn’t sound fun with a hangover, but it is always healthy to declutter, go to the gym, etc.   Good Housekeeping also recommends starting a bullet journal. Can anyone explain what a bullet journal is?  Everybody I know just has a spiral notebook.

USA Today tells us about “eating for luck” on New Year’s Eve.  The foods seem random, but eating 12 grapes at midnight certainly couldn’t hurt.  And “round foods” resemble money, so we should also eat peas and lentils—those I assume we eat earlier.

What about hobbies for 2020?  Little Coffee Fox suggests “hand lettering” (we used to call it calligraphy), flower arranging, and, you guessed it, bullet journaling.  I do like the idea of flower arranging—it sounds very Barbara Pym!

I adored an article at Good Housekeeping about decorating trends for 2020.  One would love to decorate, but somehow one doesn’t.  “Vintage accents” are  in fashion (tables with spooled legs and chair backs with spindles, very cute, but probably expensive). And navy blue is in, because the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue (a navy shade). 

What trends do you foresee in 2020?

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