Are You a Yahoo?

Pool party at the Lake of the Ozarks, Memorial Day weekend.

Since Memorial Day, my friend Janet and I have asked ourselves the flippant question, “Are we Yahoos?”

We are haunted by scenes on the the news of an outlandishly crowded pool party in Missouri and  hordes cavorting on beaches in Florida, with no semblance of social distancing.

“Oh my God–it’s the Yahoos!” we exclaimed.

The dictionary defines yahoos as “an imaginary race of of brutish beings in Swift’s  Gulliver’s Travels.” It is, in my imaginary dictionary, the cry inspired by the “reopening” of the beaches.  The cry “Yahoo!  Yahoo!” is reminiscent of “Thalassa! Thalassa!”

Actually it is more like Carpe diem, but Horace didn’t intend for us to seize the day by throwing a coronavirus party.

Mind you,  it is difficult not to be a yahoo.  We are used to having everything, and having it now.  Live-streaming, same-day delivery, multi-tasking, Alexa, the State Fair, designer tacos from the premier taco stand, jazz festivals, the latest Wonder Woman movie, and beach vacations.  

Patience is no longer a virtue.  It’s been three months…in the scheme of things, not that long.

It is a very good idea to keep your social distance.

So stay home, stay safe, and ignore the politicians.

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