Pacing, Community Gardens, & Breathing Deeply in a Supine Position

I paced back and forth outside.   We’re not on strict lockdown, but sometimes pacing is as good as a walk.  I needed a breath of fresh air.  And though it is not particularly nice out, I enjoyed  looking at the brown outlines of last year’s gardens.

I wondered, Will the community gardens get planted this year?  The community garden in our neighborhood is particularly beautiful, curated by skilled gardeners.  The plots are more than six feet apart (I think),  but I am not sure people will risk it. 

I am slightly less claustrophobic than I was a week ago. Perhaps I feel slightly more accepting because I’m reading fewer news articles.  One headline informed me that fundamentalist Jerry Falwell Jr. is reopening Liberty University during the pandemic.  I didn’t read the article.  That’s about what I would expect. 

I have read articles about people running marathons on their balconies.  Running is the great new “social distancing” excercise, I’ve read.  Apparently you just run through the germs!  Actually, any exercise is a great de-stressor.  Run, walk, lift weights, etc.  

I wonder how running on a balcony works.  Even taking a walk inside the house involves constant turning as you walk around furniture.  But there are always old-time exercises, like the ones we did in gym.  I’m partial to the cooldowns where you just lie on the floor and breathe.

Keep healthy!  Go outside when you can.  And I hope you’re all keeping calm, or as calm as possible.

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