Daily Archives: November 28, 2020

A Reader’s Guide to Socks, Pajamas & Other “Book”-wear

I am not much for malls, so I avoid shopping on Black Friday. But I am an ace at making gift guides. This distinctive talent is based on a remarkable discovery: if you put “Reading” on the label of any item at all, the gift will be a hit with readers.

Reading Socks

It started with “Reading Socks.” You can get these at Barnes and Noble or Indigo in Canada. They are actually extra-thick lined socks with treads on the bottom. These cozy so-called “reading socks” can be worn in bed, or as slippers, and will keep you warm . But you can also buy an ordinary pair of socks with treads on the soles and label them “Reading Socks” and have the same effect!

If you live in a drafty house, you also need “Reading Pajamas.” I set out to buy an old-fashioned Lanz flannel nightgown, but it was absurdly expensive. Instead, I found inexpensive cozy flannel pajamas and even warmer “plush” or “fleece” pajamas. They are great for comfortable lounging with a book, as well as for sleeping. Wrap these pajamas up with a bow and tuck in a card that says “Reading Pajamas.”

The “Reading Totebag” is ever popular. You can buy a literary totebag at any bookstore, though most of them feature Jane Austen or her sayings. There is a greater variety online, especially at Amazon and Etsy, and I like the look of this Dostoevsky bag, available at Redbubble.

And now that you’ve got the “Reading”-wear and accessories, you need a book or two. Yes!