Recycling Political Flyers, 2020

Every day we get more political flyers. The politicians want us; they need us; they treasure our input.  It’s a deluge.  The flyers stay on the mail table for a couple of days, and then make it into the recycling pile.  Only Bernie, my favorite, doesn’t inundate us with paper.

Perhaps we should decoupage the photos on notebook covers and sell them as novelty items.  Who wouldn’t want one?

Here is a typical sample of flyers. We’ve got Amy!  Cory (who reccently dropped out)!  Joe Biden!  Tom Steyer!  Joe and Tom use red, white, and blue.  Feel free to pick your favorite.

Elizabeth Warren has the most creative flyers, though now her PR folks have moved beyond her personal history and are hitting harder with political messages. My favorite was a collage of photos document ing her life.  Alas, we already recycled that one.  But kudos to the PR folks!

The lesser mortals are also trying hard.  We’ve had Pete (very popular), lots more Tom Steyer (right), and yes, another pamphlet from Elizabeth Warren (below).

We loved our Christmas card from Joe and Jill Biden, but eventually it fell off the refrigerator.

Only a few from Bernie, who’s doing quite well, but perhaps has a smaller budget for flyers.  (Don’t quote me on that.)   And of course we’ve heard from the others from time to time.  Some of them are already forgotten.

The process is so drawn-out.  It has already gone on for a year.

Eleven more months!

I’ll vote for any Dem who wins the candidacy.

Meanwhile, I’m recycling flyers.

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